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Angel | Hodowica


The sculpture comes from the high altar of the Church of All Saints in the village of Hodowica. The church was designed by architect Bernard Meretyn. The statue was created in the end of the 1750s, approximately 1757-1759.


The angel sculpture is characterised by a bowed head, a face with half-opened eyes and bare shoulders. The right hand is pressed to the chest and the left one is turned to the side. The angel’s right knee is resting on the base, the left leg – from the knee to the foot, is opened.

The angel’s clothing is carved with facets along the figure, with a generalised depiction of the anatomy. The vestments are simple, the folds are calm, the cloth lies as if it covers the airy shape of the angel, only the arms, head and left leg resemble a human body.

To convey his idea more expressively, the author draws realistically and colourfully on the exposed parts of the body and hair as well as covers the garment with gilding.

In this work, Pinsel carefully draws focus to the exposition of the kneeling angel, who says – Protect and grant forgiveness to those who place their hope in You. Unfortunately, today the sculptural composition is missing the gilded, spacious and filigree carved wings.

  • Angel. End of 1750s.
  • Limewood, polychrome, levkas, gilding.
  • Size: 152х96х82 (sculpture), 133х69х57 (stand).
  • Location: The Johann Georg Pinsel Museum in Lviv. LAG inv. no С-1-2243а.
  • Provenance: The High Altar of the Church of All Saints in the village of Hodowica, Lviv region.
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