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Prophet Aaron

History of creation:

The sculpture comes from the altar in the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Monastyryska. The church was built in 1751. The sculpture was created in 1761.

Description of the sculpture:

Head tilted to the right, a peaceful, calm face expression are characteristic in this work. The outfit is carved flatly, geometrically and emphasizes the structure of the body. The folds of the drapery are deep and balanced. Arms, feet, еhurible and Aaron’s сrosier are lost.

In this work, Pinsel carefully adheres to the iconic details indicating that the figure belongs to the tribe of the high priests: Priestly breastplate (a rectangular breastplate decorated with 12 jewels on which the names of Twelve Tribes of Israel were written) and a symbolic mitre.

It is worth mentioning that the Prophet Aaron was created at the end of the master’s life path and in collaboration with Anton Stil. For the church in Monastyryska, Pinsel created the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Rosalia, as well as the sculpture of St. Anne.

  • Prophet Aaron. 1761 р.
  • Limewood, levkas (lost), polychrome (lost),
  • Size: 53х32х23,5
  • Current location: The Johann Georg Pinsel Museum in Lviv (Borys Voznytsky Lviv National Art Gallery), № С-1-2247.
  • Provenance: baroque altar in the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Monastyryska, Terponil region.
  • Literature: Voznytsky, 2007, с. 121, Nr. 67 (1760) (каталог). —  Stetsko, 2012, с. 162 (каталог). —  Himmlisch! 2016, s. 127, Kat.-Nr. 8 (каталог).